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Pellet Therapy for HRT

Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy is bio-identical hormones delivered in the form of subcutaneous pellets placed just under the skin. The hormones are formulated in a pharmacy lab using natural plant-based ingredients, and possess the exact hormonal structure of the human hormones Estradiol and Testosterone. The pellets, once inserted, secrete the hormones continuously throughout the day, resulting in a consistent blood level of Estradiol and Testosterone, and avoiding the “roller coaster” effect of daily dosed medications.
Your dose is individualized, based on bloodwork, current and past medical history, and prior experiences with other forms of therapy. Bloodwork and a consultation with the doctor is required in order to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

  • Becoming a Patient

    Please fill in the contact form below and request a Health Assessment for Pellet Therapy. Once our doctors have reviewed your completed Health Assessment and determined that you are a candidate for Pellet Therapy, you will be provided with requisitions for the appropriate lab testing. You will also be asked to retest 4-6 weeks after the pellet insertion. Some tests are not covered by MSP, and are payable at the lab. (If you have done recent testing, please provide it when you return your form as you may be able to forego some of the required testing.)
    Once your lab results are received, you will have a full consultation visit where your doctor will advise you on lifestyle, supplements, and medications, and we will schedule your pellet insertion.

  • Timeline & Fees

    One-Time Consultation Fee for New Patients: $350
    Female Pellet Insertion: $550 every 3 months
    Male Pellet Insertion: $850 every 6 months

  • Comprehensive Care Options

    See our Functional Medicine page to find out how to become a patient of our personalized health services.


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