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Plexr Skin Pen

Plexr plasma is an innovative medical device that was developed an alternative to cosmetic surgery. 

The treatment is done removing extra tissue (laxity) in the skin by creating little "carbon dots". The Plexr device creates a small electrical arc which accurately targets problem areas, without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding skin. This is sometimes referred to as “soft surgery”. Your Plexr provider will mark a small grid to create a retraction of the skin in the epidermis by creating combustion of the skin on the stratum corneum, (the top layer of the skin), without damaging surrounding tissue. This creates fine grey-brown scales, called “carbon dust”, which disappear a few days after each session.
The treatment is carried out under topical anesthesia and can be used for numerous aesthetic concerns, treating loose facial skin, scarring, and to perform blepharoplasty (eye lifts). This technique has been used in Italy & Greece for many years.