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Mole, Skin Tag and Lesion Removal

We are pleased to offer mole, lesion and skin tag removal options which minimize the chance of scarring, particularly on the face. They are preferable to liquid nitrogen which can sometimes leave scarring and may not get to the root of the lesion.

  • How does the process work?

    Our Doctors always begin with a careful assessment of the area to rule out medical concerns. If there are any concerns, the lesion will be removed by excision and sent to the lab for testing.

  • If the lesion is only being removed for cosmetic purposes:

    If your lesions are not deemed as suspicious they are considered a cosmetic concern, and the treatment is not covered through medical. We have a variety of different devices and technology that can be used depending on the type of lesion, this would be determined at your consultation. The options range from lasers, which are CO2 or KTP, to another device called a Plexr pen. All of these options leave minimal scarring and injectable numbing can be used to relieve discomfort. 



Mole Removal using CO2 laser


Mole removal using Plexr