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Weight Loss And HCG Program

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Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle are integrated into all of our functional medicine appointments. But if weight loss is your main goal, you may be interested in our weight-loss-specific programs.

The hCG Diet is a 3 or 6 week program which includes a low calorie diet and daily injections to promote weight loss.

hCG refers to a natural hormone, produced during the first stage of pregnancy. The hormone protects a fetus from starvation by turning fat into energy. In your body, hCG will help access fatty deposits around the abdomen, known as visceral fat, which the body stores for times of “starvation." Diet or exercise alone may not eliminate this fat. Visceral fat tends to accumulate as we age, and as our metabolism becomes too slow to get rid of it. The more visceral fat we collect, the greater the risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Our hCG diet program combines hCG injections with a rigid diet. Many who follow the hCG diet plan experience fast and permanent weight loss.* Health Canada has not officially approved hCG for the purpose of weight loss, so hCG is not considered an MSP benefit.

Lose 4 Life: If you struggle with diets and seem to lose only a small amount of weight despite your best efforts, it may be time for a new outlook on diet and lifestyle.

Offered by Dr. Frouws, this program begins with a traditional Functional Medicine appointment, to investigate any potential medical causes for weight gain. Once medical issues have been ruled out, you will begin to learn key changes, such as moveing to a sugar-free, low carbohydrate diet, to become lean and healthy, and to stay that way for the rest of your life.

We are pleased with the number of patients who have enjoyed substantial health benefits beyond weight loss alone.

Becoming A Patient:
Please fill in the contact form below, and request a package for either one of the options listed above. This package includes further information such as fees, types of testing offered and appointment information. It also includes a questionnaire, which will help the doctor understand your health history, and prepare for your first appointment. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned, your first appointment will be scheduled.

As always at The De Pieri Clinic, a full medical assessment is done to determine whether you are a candidate for either of the programs. At this assessment, testing will be arranged, and a subsequent visit will be scheduled to review results, prescribe medication and provide your treatment plan.

Please note that we are not a General Practice, and we require all of our patients to have a regular Family Doctor, with whom we are happy to collaborate and share results if you so desire.

We look forward to working with you to reach personal optimal wellness!

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