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Pre-cancerous Photodynamic Therapy


Over time we may develop scaly, red, raised areas commonly on the face, chest, scalp and arms. Though they may not be actively cancerous, it is reasonable to remove them before they get worse. This treatment can also be done for aggressive types of acne as well.

  • What is photodynamic therapy?

    Photodynamic therapy is an application of a medication called Metvix or Levulan. Only the precancerous lesions on the skin absorb the product, and the product ruptures the cancerous cells for your body to exfoliate them off over time.

  • How does the process work?

    The process is split into 2 appointments in one day. At the first appointment, the medicated cream will be applied and will sit on the skin for 3 hours. During this 3 hour process you are to go home and stay away from any sunlight. Once returning to the clinic you will be exposed to an LED light. When exposed to light (photodynamic therapy), a chemical reaction is activated eliminating precancerous and cancerous cells, as well as reducing acne causing bacteria and minimizing sebaceous gland activity. You will be red for 2-7 days with potential of flaking.

  • Does insurance cover treatment?

    If you have third party insurance, many of them will cover the cost of the medication used for the process (Metvix or Levulan). We often encourage you to contact your insurance company to confirm. When you're in for your consultation, a letter can also be provided to submit to your insurance.