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Mole and Lesion Removal

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Moles and skin tags can appear anywhere on the body. Sometimes these lesions need to be investigated for underlying health problems, or they may simply make you feel uncomfortable.
Our doctors will always begin with a complimentary medical consultation to rule out underlying medical concerns, in which case an excision will be performed and the biopsy sent to the lab for further analysis. The De Pieri Clinic provides pre-cancerous mole removal, assessment and biopsy, covered by MSP.
If the lesion is deemed cosmetic, treatment is not covered by BC medical, and must therefore be paid for privately. At The De Pieri Clinic, we recommend the following two options: The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) laser ablates the surface of the lesion (mole/skin tag) to leave it flush with the skin's surface. The main advantage of laser mole removal is the outstanding cosmetic outcome and quick healing time. Compared to excision (cutting out) which leaves an obvious scar, most patients find the scar is barely noticeable (if at all) after CO2 laser. The treatment is very comfortable - the treatment area may be numbed prior with a topical numbing cream and/or injectable lidocaine. The KTP Laser(short for potassium titanyl-phosphate) is designed to gently remove the blood vessels just below the skin’s surface that ultimately cause redness associated with scarring or even with rosacea. At certain settings, it is effective at removing lesions such as seborrheic keratoses (benign growths), skin tags and solar lentigos (darkened skin spots).