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Botox® For Migraines

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If you are a migraine sufferer, you know the frustrating cycle that can take control of your life: avoiding migraine “triggers”, missing out on activities, searching for an effective pain-killer, sometimes resorting to a narcotic injection at the hospital.
Now, migraine relief can last for 3 months or more at a time, with one administration of Botox®.
Botox was initially used for therapeutic treatments and is one of the most thoroughly researched medications available for treatment of migraines. Administering Botox® for therapeutic applications, such as migraine treatment, requires advanced training, and special techniques are used to achieve optimal results. The optimal location, depth and quantity of injections are determined for each individual patient. This way, the muscles that trigger your particular migraines are specifically targeted. Often, the patient can expect at least 3 months migraine-free without any need for additional migraine medications.  Most extended medical plans provide majority coverage when patients submit a letter from a recognized physician trained in this treatment.
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