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Dr. Corrine DawsonNaturopath

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  • About Dr. Dawson 

    Dr. Dawson moved to Kelowna from the Lower Mainland where she worked at the Integrated Health Clinic for over a decade. 
    Her medical training was obtained from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and her undergraduate training included biology, theology and genetics research at UBC for cardiovascular disease. She contributed to research in complementary and alternative therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer at VGH and volunteered at the Friends for Life Clinic, treating patients with chronic illnesses and terminal cancer.
    Dr. Dawson is a frequent community lecturer on the topic of bioidentical hormone therapy, and has appeared as a guest on radio. Suzanne Somers, in her book Knockout has recognized Dr. Dawson for her work in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Dawson is registered by her College as an acupuncturist and has pursued further training in chelation therapy, which is ridding the body of toxic heavy metals.

  • Special Interests

    Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, women's health, pre/post natal care, fatigue, pediatrics, digestion disorders, chelation therapy, and naturopathic family practice.

  • Fees and Schedule

    First consultation$349
    During this visit your doctor will review your concerns, perform a whole body health examination (minus PAP and breast exam) and assess your physical, mental and emotional health.  If needed, lab testing will be set up and some initial recommendations will be made.
    Follow-up appointments$265
    Your first follow-up is typically scheduled 2-4 weeks after your first consultation. During this appointment your results will be reviewed and carefully explained to you.  An in-depth personal treatment plan will be developed including supplement, nutritional, and lifestyle recommendations, as well as prescriptions. From here on, appointments are typically scheduled every 3-6 months, or as needed.
    If you have third party insurance, most companies will cover a portion of the appointment fee. You can find this out by contacting your insurance company directly.
    Please note: Since Dr. Dawson is a Naturopath, the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia prohibits her from prescribing the following medications:
    OpioidsChemotherapeuticsTestosteroneDHEAArimidexADHD Stimulant Drugs

  • Becoming a patient

    Please fill in the contact form below, and request a Functional Medicine Information package. This package includes a questionnaire, which will help the doctor understand your health history, and prepare for your first appointment. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned, your first appointment will be scheduled.
    Please note that we are not a General Practice, and we require all of our patients to have a regular Family Doctor, unless you are selecting Dr. Dawson to become your primary care provider. Her appointments are not covered through MSP and are private pay.

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