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PRF/PRP Services

The De Pieri Clinic is fully certified to offer PRP/PRF services. This involves taking a sample of your own blood, spinning it down and extracting all of the good components of it, then injecting it back into the desired area. The serum has many uses and applications. The information below is for cosmetic purposes, but it can also be done for hair restoration. 
Our treatment is unique in that we use a multi-treatment approach to achieve a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, texture, and plumpness, and softer, younger looking skin. 

  • How is it used?

    Once the blood draw is complete, the PRP/PRF serum can be injected directly under the skin to help restore lost volume. Commonly this is done under the eyes, cheeks and around the mouth. The PRP/PRF serum can also be used while microneedling the surface of the skin. You can do the injections and microneedling alone, or together in combination which is known as the "vampire facial".

  • How many treatments would I need?

    We typically encourage packages of 3 to achieve optimal results. Once the package of 3 is completed, yearly treatments are done to help maintain your results and skin health.


Before and After 3 "PRP Vampire Facials"