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Serum Injection Facial

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The De Pieri Clinic is fully certified to offer the official Serum Injection Facial. This is a treatment that combines the use of serum injections and Microneedling Therapy. Our treatment is unique in that we use a multi-treatment approach to achieve a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, texture, and plumpness, and softer, younger looking skin.  The injection portion involves drawing a sample of your blood and isolating the cells responsible for growth. The serum is then injected carefully to erase unwanted fine lines and wrinkles and to restore lost volume. Since it is processed from your own blood, there is no predicted risk of allergic reaction or rejection.
We often combine this treatment with microneedle therapy for a complete rejuvenating facial.
Microneedle therapy, or "Collagen Induction Therapy" is the second step in our Serum Injection Facial. We apply the remaining serum onto the skin and combine it with microneedle therapy. This treatment is done with a hand held pen which creates micro-injuries to the skin, thereby boosting natural collagen and elastin production. 
Come enjoy your own private consultation with Dr De Pieri to determine if this treatment is the right one for you.