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Acne and Acne Scarring

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Acne is caused by three main problems: overactive oil glands, hormone imbalances and overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria. We take all of these into consideration to create the best treatment plan for you. Since our clinic focuses on alternative medicine, we also try to incorporate lifestyle changes as well as treatments to be sure we are targeting the problem from all angles.
BLU-U Light Therapy and The Acne BundleBLU-U offers effective, non-invasive and pain-free blue light treatment for moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. Narrow band blue light causes a photodynamic effect within the pilosebaceous gland that kills P. acnes, the bacteria primarily responsible for acne. When used in a continuous series of brief (approximately 20 minutes) sessions, it provides a simple, non-invasive treatment regimen. The De Pieri Clinic Acne bundle elevates the success of your light therapy treatment. We incorporate into your program a gentle skin exfoliation and salicylic chemical peel, which specifically fights acne-causing bacteria.
Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can help to clear pores of oil and impurities, and can also have a regenerative effect on the skin.
Photodynamic TherapyIs a topical medication applied to the skin in clinic and then activated under an LED light which helps to destroy acne cells and bacteria. It also reduces the size and activity of the oil-producing glands on the skin, known as the sebaceous glands. Overactivity and inflammation of these glands contribute to acne development. This is something used for severe acne and may be covered through some 3rd party insurance plans.
Acne ScarsTextural acne scars can be softened using a CO2 fractional laser, microdermabrasion and a newer technique called carbossitherapy, which is designed to break down scar tissue, improve blood flow and oxygen levels in the skin, and promote healing. 
Skin Care LineFinally, our line of medical-grade skincare is tailored specifically to your needs by our doctor and skincare technicians. Our patients have enjoyed dramatic results using these products.