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You Have The Choice, Why Not Make The Safest One?

You Have The Choice, Why Not Make The Safest One?

What you should look out forPrior to trusting someone to do your cosmetic treatments

Choose where you get your medical cosmetic treatments done wisely. Much of what we do here at the De Pieri Clinic is correcting other medical aesthetic treatments done by others. Whether is be uneven results, not applying proper technique or lack of results we try our best to achieve what the patient is after in the safest way.

We are all after a way to save a dollar, but your face probably isn't the best place tostart.Going to somewhere cheaper, may end up costing you more down the line. Some of these facilities do not have the proper training, nor the proper resources if (heaven forbid) you have a side effect.

One of the benefits of having your treatments done in a medical facility is having direct contact with a doctor who has a medical background. This is something that cannot be stressed enough as this secures that they have proper training and have to meet certain standards. 

How long has the facility been in business?

Knowing that a facility has been open for a longer amount of time means they are more reputable. They have been able to maintain a clientele that trust’s and enjoys going there, therefore allowing the business to keeps its doors open longer.

Are they a medical facility?

Having treatments done by a facility that has doctor’s on site and recommending the treatments themselves might be one of the more important things. Doctor’s have intensive training on all treatments and have an understanding about the human anatomy. They have the ability to write prescriptions (example, for prevention of cold sores, anti-inflamatories, pain medication etc) and can diagnose medical concerns prior to proceeding with a treatment. 

What kind of products are they using?

Getting your treatment done at a medical clinic also means they have stronger, safer and more stable products to use during treatments that aren’t accessible to the general public. Also if you’re doing any treatment that punctures the skin to cause bleeding, the products must be safe to enter the blood stream.

Are they up to date with the latest training?

Even if they’re certified, have they upgraded any of their training/techniques lately? The medical world is constantly evolving and things change rapidly. Not knowing the latest techniques can lead to your results not being as dramatic.

Do they have a social media/online presence?

Seeing them being interactive with the public online is always a good sign. It means they stay up to date with the most current ways of communication, and that you can reach out them in some way other than a phone call.