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What Makes Lip Injections Look Artificial - And How We Avoid It

What Makes Lip Injections Look Artificial - And How We Avoid It

Every now and then, a celebrity or someone on the street can be spotted with "lip filler gone wrong". Unfortunately, these individuals give a poor impression of lip augmentation, since in reality, very few lip filler treatments actually have that outcome. 

In fact, when lip filler is done well, the untrained eye won't notice it's been done at all. Skillful augmentations look natural, and compliment, not overtake the overall features.

How Do These Lips Get Out There?

Sometimes, patients believe that bigger is always better, and actually pressure the doctor to provide more filler than they should, resulting in unnatural looking lips. On the other hand, well-intentioned practitioners may not have the experience to fully understand the detailed anatomy of the lips and perioral area, or the skill to achieve a balanced look.

What To Do To Achieve Natural Looking Lips

The first step is going to the right injector. Choose someone with the proper experience and training.

The injectors at The De Pieri Clnic use careful techniques to make sure your lips are in proportion with the rest of your features.   For example, the top and bottom lip need to maintain the proper thickness in comparison with one another. The upper lip should very rarely overhang the bottom lip. From the front view, the upper lip should appear to be about two thirds the volume of the lower lip (the ratio generally considered ideal is 1:1.618).

With delicate injection techniques our practitioners are able to provide natural shaping, unique to each person’s face. Areas such as the Cupid’s bow, if not shaped properly, can result in a flattened appearance and spoil the intended result of the lip augmentation. 

The De Pieri Clinic offers injectors with many years of experience and exceptional training under highly respected leaders in their field. They always balance your desired result with their professional expertise to be sure you leave the clinic looking natural and pleased with the outcome.