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The Revolutionary Skin And Hair Restoration Therapy - Carbossi Therapy

The Revolutionary Skin And Hair Restoration Therapy - Carbossi Therapy

Who would have thought that carbon dioxide gas could play a role in smooth, tight, cellulite-free skin?

It may sound strange, but the health benefits of carbon dioxide on the skin were widely recognized almost a century ago in European healing spas. There, patients with medical conditions, such as poor blood circulation, were sent to bathe in C02 rich waters. Based on the same principles, the Italians developed “Carbossiterapia” (Carbossitherapy), which is popular today in Europe and South America. Carbossitherapy is a unique treatment that uses carbon dioxide gas (C02) injected under the skin to improve skin elasticity and flush out fat cells.

The De Pieri Clinic is currently the only clinic in the Okanagan offering Carbossitherapy. We use it for the treatment of fat pads or sagging skin under the eyes, “double chin”, and fat deposits or cellulite of the legs, buttocks, and abdomen.

It takes advantage of the body’s tendency of replacing C02 with oxygen, a process known in medicine as the Bohr effect. Through this process, the injected C02 causes the dilation of blood vessels, and actually results in increased oxygen content in the cells.

The improvement in blood flow also transports collagen-producing cells to the area.

The result is firmer subcutaneous tissue, and, over time, an increase in the thickness of the dermal layer. Or, in other words, younger-looking, firmer skin on the face and body!

Tightening and smoothing results can be dramatic, particularly under the eyes and around the tummy. Patients normally see results after 6-8 treatments. It is wonderful in combination with other treatments, such as lasers, IPL, dermal fillers, or even Botox, for maximal effect.

Carbossitherapy for Hair Restoration:

Carbossitherapy also has an exciting application for hair regrowth on the scalp. Although hair loss is commonly related to hormonal changes, another theory suggests that poor blood flow to the scalp reduces the performance of hair follicles.

There is an area under the scalp called the “galea aponeurotica”. This area is basically a large flat tendon that connects the muscles of the forehead with the muscle at the back of the head, exactly the area where hair thinning and baldness typically happens.

It would seem that the blood flow within and over the galea is much less than other areas of the scalp. Over time, blood flow to the overlying skin is diminished, predisposing the skin in that area to be susceptible to hair loss. This can be easily seen, as people with hair loss note that the skin of the scalp gets progressively tighter and thinner as the hair follicles get thinner and fewer.

Carbossitherapy leads to improvement in blood flow to the scalp, which restores nutrients to the hair follicles and thickening of individual hairs as well as regrowth of new follicles.

This can be a stand-alone treatment for hair growth, or added to a multi-modal approach which incorporates medications, hormones, infra-red light therapy, and even platelet rich plasma treatments.

Carbossitherapy treatment is safe, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, and requires no downtime. And because it takes advantage of the body’s own natural processes, results from this treatment are natural – looking!