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How To Look And Feel Ageless This Summer

How To Look And Feel Ageless This Summer

The Power of Vitamin CConsider Vitamin C your anti-aging superstar. It’s one of the only ingredients that have been proven to decrease the effect of the sun and environmental stressors such as pollution and cigarette smoke. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, donating electrons to hungry free radicals to stabilize and inhibit their harmful activity. Look for C products containing at least 10% L-ascorbic acid (the most bioavailable kind typically found in a serum) and apply before your sunscreen to boost its efficacy and reduce your risk of sunburn.

Supplement RightChronic stress accelerates premature aging at the cellular level by shortening DNA telomeres. When our telomeres become too short, our cells start to function incorrectlycreating inflammation and increasing collagen loss (read wrinkles). Ashwagandha extract not only supports your adrenal function by normalizing cortisol levels, but has also been shown to increase telomerase activity. A typical daily dose is between 500 and 1000mg taken in the evening.

EstrogenEstrogen and youthful, plump skin go hand in hand. When menopause hits, estrogen levels significantly decline exacerbating both normal and environmental skin aging, resulting in sagging tissues, thinning and dry skin. Carefully monitoring your hormone levels and supplementing with topical estrogen levels under the guidance of an experienced doctor can induce profound anti-aging effects. With balanced estrogen levels you can expect an increase in your skin’s collagen content, skin thickness and elasticity and hydration. In turn this plumps out wrinkles and lines, improving the appearance of folds and sunken areas.

Collagen Stimulation TherapyFor natural looking enhancements consider professionally administered treatments that stimulate your own collagen production such as Microneedle therapy, Sculptra® and Carbon Dioxide (Carbossi) therapy. These treatments work in one of two ways: either by wounding the skin on the surface, which heals by releasing growth factors and creating new collagen, or by stimulating collagen production deep in the dermis to replace lost volume. Look your best, naturally.