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Alyssa Overvoorde, RPN


Alyssa has spent her 9-year career of Psych Nursing primarily in acute inpatient adult psychiatry. Her career eventually brought her from Alberta to British Columbia in 2021. Wanting a change of pace in the medical field, she began working in medical aesthetics with the De Pieri Clinic in 2023. With her extensive counselling experience, taking on our Weight Management Program for patients needing guidance with lifestyle and diet changes has been a great fit. 
Alyssa also does injections, IV therapy, and manages Dr. Frouws Functional Medicine Program. Alyssa is also expanding her career currently with getting into Clinical Research for Treatment Resistant Depression. Preventative care is a passion of Alyssa's and she really believes in the value of Functional Medicine and Hormone Therapies for the purpose of quality of life.