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Smoothing of Deep Lines

Smoothing of Deep Lines
While BOTOX® will relax muscles that cause wrinkling, some lines may be too deep to correct with BOTOX alone.


In this case, we can use dermal fillers, which are thick gels designed to absorb water, hydrate the skin from below and plump the area under the wrinkle.


Carbossitherapy can also be used to physically lift wrinkles, improve oxygenation and blood flow and thicken the skin.*


To treat even deeper wrinkles, or treat deep discolouration (including melasma), The De Pieri Clinic uses the latest technology available in the form of the CO2 fractional ablative laser. This type of laser penetrates more deeply and more safely into the skin than older CO2 lasers because it leaves areas of intact skin around each laser pulse, allowing the skin to heal more rapidly and reducing the chance of causing excessive lightening of the skin.