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Skin Tag, Wart, Birth Mark & Mole Removal

Our Skin Tag, Wart, Birth Mark & Mole Removal Services in Kelowna
Moles and skin tags can appear anywhere on the body. Though these blemishes rarely indicate health problems, you may feel uncomfortable with the way they look or feel.


Visit The De Pieri Clinic for mole removal in Kelowna. Modern medicine offers you many options to achieve smoother looking skin.


Reliable Methods and Treatments*


If you have a skin tag, mole or large birthmark, we can remove them via the following techniques:


KTP Laser. For small moles or skin tags, we recommend the KTP laser, which is designed to remove the moles within 20 to 40 minutes. The laser produces an intense ray of light that kills the discoloured target cells without damaging the surrounding tissue, so you won’t have to worry about discomfort.
CO2 Fractional Laser. For large mole removal in Kelowna, the CO2 fractional laser can be very effective, delivering a beam of light that resurfaces the skin.* The procedure stimulates your skin’s collagen production, which in turn keeps your skin looking firm and smooth.
Pulsed Dye Laser.Warts require a stronger laser, so we'll use the pulsed dye laser to remove this skin growth. As with the other lasers, the pulsed dye laser issues a concentrated light beam. But this one targets the blood vessels that feed the wart without damaging the nearby skin.
Do you have a "port wine stain"? If so, we can treat it with one of the above lasers depending on your birthmark's depth and colour.




The De Pieri Clinic staff is trained in the safe use of these lasers and experienced in all these forms of treatment. Following your appointment, you will still need a few days to heal. We will give you detailed instructions before you leave the clinic.




Worried About a Questionable Mole?


Some oddly shaped and discoloured moles have the potential to become cancerous. If you worry about a specific blemish, we also provide pre-cancerous mole removal for Kelowna and the surrounding area. This treatment includes an MSP-covered assessment and biopsy.




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