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CO2 Laser Fractional Skin Resurfacing


CO2 fractional resurfacing is an anti-aging breakthrough that can revitalize the skin.* As we age, our body burns through collagen, the protein that keeps our skin plump. Aging, in conjunction with our lifestyle, pollution and sun exposure, destroys collagen and adds wrinkles and sun spots to our face. The CO2 laser can remove wrinkles from the face, tighten the skin and smooth the complexion, creating a more youthful appearance.* CO2 fractional laser resurfacing is also an excellent treatment for past acne scarring.*


CO2 fractional resurfacing can help minimize the following:






Stretch marks




Fine lines


Age spots


Dull skin tone


Thinned collagen


How Does CO2 Fractional Resurfacing Work?


Dr. De Pieri uses a medical grade CO2 laser to create tiny holes in the skin. These tiny holes encourage the skin to create new collagen, which can restore skin's firmness and minimize wrinkles.


This procedure can target the skin’s deep, middle and surface levels. Dr. De Pieri chooses which layer of the skin to treat, so CO2 fractional resurfacing varies from patient to patient. Those with severe sun damage may require multiple treatments.


Is CO2 Fractional Resurfacing for Me?


Almost anyone who suffers from aging, sun-damaged, scarred or irregularly pigmented skin can benefit from CO2 fractional resurfacing.* Those with darker complexions may not be ideal candidates, because of the risk of hyper pigmentation. The first step is to book your personal, complimentary consultation with Dr. De Pieri to determine the medical skin treatment appropriate for your beauty goals. Once you complete your course of treatment, you can see the results of CO2 laser treatment for years.*




For more information about The De Pieri Clinic's treatments with a CO2 laser in Kelowna, call us.