Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels: An Option for Skin Rejuvenation in Kelowna


Chemical Peel:Formulated to rejuvenate many skin concerns, our customized chemical peels offer a variety of results depending on your skin type and goals. With the ability to control the depth from mild to aggresive, this gives us the ability to control the amount of down time associated with each treatment. Chemical peels are great for reducing fine lines, pigmentation, acne, pore size and for general skin health! *Post care product included.|Dermaplaning:A skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka "peachfuzz". Using a small sterile blade the skin is heald taut whilst the blade is swept in a gentle upward motion to manually remove dead skin and facial hair.]




Chemical peels loosen dead cells from the skin's surface, encouraging deep exfoliation of the skin. They are recommended to clear the skin of impurities and improve acne-prone skin. They can also help diminish lines, wrinkles and pores, and reveal healthy, plump and radiant skin.*


The result is diminished lines and wrinkles; smoother, firmer skin; and smaller pores*. Regular peels will help maintain healthy, plump and radiant skin.


Certain chemical peels are designed to treat hyperpigmentation, improve aging skin, calm rosacea and even out discolourations such as acne scars.


The De Pieri Clinic offers a variety of peels for sensitive to resilient skin types, which address a variety of skin needs with minimal discomfort or downtime.


Your skincare technician can choose a peel according to your skin needs:


Exfoliation, hydration and maintenance of healthy skin
Mature skin: fine wrinkles, sun damage, dehydration
Sun damage, discolouration, hyperpigmentation
Acne treatment