Skin Tightening & Body Sculpting

Carbossitherapy (Carboxytherapy)


The De Pieri Clinic is currently the only clinic in the Okanagan offering carbossitherapy. This treatment can improve skin elasticity, smooth cellulite, soften scars and stretch marks, and encourage hair regrowth*.


Carbossitherapy, or carboxytherapy, is a unique treatment using carbon dioxide gas injected under the skin to cause tightening of the skin.


This is very effective for facial areas such as around the eyes, cheeks and jowls; to help tighten sagging skin; and rejuvenate thinning skin.


Carbossitherapy also helps reduce fat tissue in spot areas. We use this in the treatment of fat pads under the eyes, “double chin,” as well as fat deposits and cellulite of the legs, buttocks and abdomen.


It is wonderful in combination with other treatments, such as the CO2 fractional ablative laser for maximal effect. To boost results with no downtime, this treatment can also be used in combination with facial treatments.