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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?


The philosophy behind Functional Medicine is that every person is genetically and biochemically unique. What is considered "normal" for you may not be "normal" for others. This personalized health care treats the individual, not the disease. It seeks to find the root cause, not just treat the symptoms. Functional Medicine is deeply science based. What happens within us is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows us to better understand how the person’s body functions.  Our functional medicine treatments include supplement advice, stress management and, for some people, naturopathic services. 


What Are Bio-Identical Hormones?


Bio-identical hormones have molecular structures that are identical to hormones that are naturally produced by the body, and are therefore indistinguishable from the body’s own hormones. They are made using plant-based ingredients and are available through standard prescriptions and through certified compounding pharmacists who must adhere to strict regulations. The types, combinations and dosages of bio-identical hormones are customized to fit each individual patient. 


Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that are only prescribed following a comprehensive individual medical assessment and careful testing. The goal of prescribing hormones is not only to achieve optimal levels of each one, but also optimal balancing of all the hormones in the body.


Through hormone balancing, we can address conditions such as PMS, “adrenal fatigue”, thyroid disease, and symptoms of menopause and andropause. 


Our doctors have extensive experience and training in the use of bio-identical hormones. 


Advantages of Bio-identical Hormones


Identical to human hormones, so that they interact with your body in the same way your natural hormones do
Metabolized the same way as your hormones, so less likely to have negative effects on the body
Balanced specifically to individual needs
Closely monitored and adjusted individual hormone levels 


Potential Benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy 


Restores mental functioning and memory 
Helps to increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass
Promotes healthy sleep patterns 
Improves Libido
Reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin 
Reverses thinning hair and dry skin 
Boosts immune function, improving healing capacity 
Decreases bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol 
Increases bone density and bone mass, decreasing risk of osteoporosis 
Increases the desire and endurance for exercise


As with all prescription medications or treatments, there may be risks to taking bio-identical hormones. Our screening questionnaires and subsequent consultations help us to weigh your individual risks with the potential benefits to determine if bio-identical hormones are a safe and reasonable treatment option for you.


Becoming a patient


Please fill in the contact form below, and request a Whole Body Health Information package. 


This package includes further information such as fees, types of testing offered and appointment information. It also includes a questionnaire, which will help the doctor understand your health history, and prepare for your first appointment. Once the questionnaire is completed and returned, your first appointment will be scheduled.


As always at The De Pieri Clinic, a full medical assessment is done to determine whether you are a candidate for hormone therapy. At this assessment, testing will be arranged, and a subsequent visit will be scheduled to review results, prescribe medication and provide your treatment plan. 


Please note that we are not a General Practice, and we require all of our patients to have a regular Family Doctor, with whom we are happy to collaborate and share results if you so desire.


We look forward to working with you to reach personal optimal wellness!