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Double Chin Reducer

BELKYRA™ Double-Chin Treatment 


While exercising and dieting are good ways to promote your overall health, some areas of fat tend to linger regardless of body weight. Sometimes, fat pads under the chin are related to hormones or heredity rather than body weight, meaning you may need a little help beyond exercising and dieting for desired results. 


BELKYRA can be a great alternative to surgery to target a double-chin. The De Pieri Clinic offers BELKYRA to help reduce under-chin fat pads and redefine the jawline.


An injectable drug approved by Health Canada, BELKYRA is safe for clinical cosmetic use when administered by a qualified injector. It consists of a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is a substance that naturally occurs in our bodies. When injected into the submental (below the chin) area, BELKYRA is capable of destroying fat cell membranes, which allows the fat inside to be released and naturally flushed away from the body. 


For stubborn areas under the chin and on areas of the body, The De Pieri Clinic also offers BodyFX, Mesotherapy and Carbossitherapy, along with BELKYRA.


BELKYRA Procedure & Recovery


The first step of the BELKYRA process is to apply a topical analgesic or local anesthesia near the injection area to make your treatment more comfortable. Next, your doctor will place a transparent grid over your chin as a guide to ensure accuracy of injections. This grid will also help provide a smoother and more balanced result.


Depending on the severity of your submental fat, scheduling two to six sessions, four to six weeks apart, is recommended for optimal results. Each treatment takes just a few minutes.  Results occur within several days or weeks.


BELKYRA is a non-invasive procedure with limited downtime; in most cases, you can return to your daily activities immediately afterward. Possible swelling or itchiness are reduced by using ice packs in the days following treatment. 


Contact The De Pieri Clinic in beautiful downtown Kelowna for a complimentary consultation on what BELKYRA can do for you.