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Dr. Andrew De Pieri, MD, CCFP


Since 1990, Dr. De Pieri has been passionate about his practice. Throughout the years as a family physician, he nurtured a special interest in anti-aging and preventative medicine, and the integration of nutrition and supplements within medical protocols.


He later discovered great enjoyment in the art of cosmetic medicine, which he approaches with a carefully discerning eye and meticulous attention to detail.


In his anti-aging practice, Dr. De Pieri's philosophy is to deliver uncompromising care in the most affordable way possible, while offering the latest in medical and cosmetic research to each of his patients.


Areas of Expertise


Dr. De Pieri has extensive experience in bio-identical hormone replacement, various laser skin therapies, cosmetic injectables, Platelet-rich Plasma (Vampire®) treatments for skin and hair, and the therapeutic use of Botox® for migraines and excessive sweating.


He has been injecting dermal fillers, neuromodulators (ie.Botox) and collagen stimulators for more than a decade.


Dr. De Pieri is also the first to offer carbossitherapy in the Okanagan, a revolutionary treatment that is popular in Europe for skin tightening and treatment of cellulite.


Ongoing Training


Dr. De Pieri is proud of his commitment to staying at the leading edge of advancements for his clients. As such, he regularly attends ongoing training, and works collaboratively with leaders in the anti-aging and cosmetic field.


In September, 2018, he celebrated 10 successful years of The De Pieri Clinic, from his initial vision to its recent expansion.  He is confident that our newly expanded facility and staff will continue to please new patients in the Okanagan for many years to come.