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Dr. Janneme Frouws

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  • About Dr. Frouws

    Dr. Janneme Frouws was born in South Africa and immigrated to Canada in 2005. She worked as a family physician in the beautiful town of Kaslo, B.C. for many years, and gained valuable professional experience by practicing medicine in a small community, but over time she gained a special interest in integrative (functional) medicine.

    She has been with The De Pieri Clinic since 2015. As an integrative physician she attempts to integrate the best of different treatment options, addressing lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements while still prescribing medications when needed. The result is a treatment plan tailored to the patient’s individual needs and circumstances.

  • Schedule and Fees

    To meet your needs, your fee structure will be determined at your first scheduled appointment by Dr. Frouws.

    Functional Medicine and Hormone Program $1600/year
    Up to 4 visits per year, typically quarterly.

    The program includes: A comprehensive medical history; comprehensive physical examination; in-depth testing, a health report and treatment plan, including referrals where appropriate; and counseling on medication, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

    Complex Care Program $3000/year
    Up to 8 visits per year

    This is for patients with very complicated medical needs that require more visits than the traditional Functional Medicine Program.

    This program is comprised of everything included in the regular program, with more frequent follow-ups, counselling, and, in some cases, testing, as discussed in your individual consultation with Dr. Frouws.

    Maintenance Fee for Clinically Stable Patients $400/visit

    The goal is that each patient will eventually become clinically stable, and require fewer visits. Once Dr. Frouws determines that a patient is clinically stable, they may be offered a maintenance plan with fewer visits and a reduced fee. 

  • Becoming a Patient

    Please fill out the information below to receive our Functional Medicine package. Once it has been filled out and returned to the clinic we can begin the scheduling process. 

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