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Dr. Jannemé Frouws, MD

Please note: We regret to inform you that Dr. Frouws is no longer working at our clinic, and will not be able to continue your care.
We understand the difficult situation that this may present to her current patients. we kindly offer that Dr. Dawson is more than happy to take over your care. Please contact the office to discuss other options with our staff if this does not suit your needs.
We thank you for having entrusted your health to Dr. Frouws, and will do all that we can to assist your transition.

Dr. Jannemé Frouws is a family physician with a keen interest in Integrative Medicine.
Dr. Frouws completed her degree as a general practitioner at the medical school of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, in 2002. She immigrated to Canada in 2005, working as a family and emergency physician in the rural town of Kaslo, B.C. After completing her Canadian certification in family medicine in 2010, Dr. Frouws relocated to Kelowna in August, 2014.
Her professional beliefs are summarized in the following:“I believe in searching for and addressing the root cause of disease, when possible, instead of simply improving symptoms with prescription medications. Prescribing medications without correcting the cause of the illness is rarely effective in the long term and chronic disease tends to have a downward spiral of progression, much to the frustration of the patient and the physician. The answer is not either allopathic (mainstream) or naturopathic medicine, but a science-based approach integrating aspects of both modalities, leading to a more successful recovery for patients. Prescription medications are often necessary, but should never be used at the expense of attempting to find and correct the root cause of disease. Doctors need time to listen to their patients to really understand what is happening with their health. By shifting the focus from sick care to wellness, we are able to support people to live a better, longer and more vibrant life.”
Dr. Frouws provides consultation services in the following areas:Chronic fatigueAdrenal fatigueLow thyroid function including Hashimoto’s thyroiditisHormonal imbalance including low libido in women or men, PMS, menstrual abnormalities, peri- and postmenopausal symptoms, menstrual abnormalitiesBio-identical hormonesMedical weight loss – www.loseforlife.caAdvice on appropriate use of nutritional supplementsSupplement and lifestyle advice for cancer patientsInflammatory bowel disease – Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’sMood disorders – depression and anxiety